Learning Services

Pursuing a college or university education, whether it be at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level, is a big commitment of time, energy and financial resources. Many adult learners have potential that they struggle to realize because they do not have adequate support.

As a learning specialist, I can work with you to provide academic coaching.

Academic coaching is tailored support and guidance that will help you move forward with your goals. You will build needed skills, gain confidence, reduce feelings of overwhelm, complete your projects, and, experience more joy in learning.

Academic coaching is for any adult student who feels that they may benefit from help on their learning journey.

It is particularly useful for students who are… 

  • Feeling stuck with a large project, such as a thesis or dissertation.
  • Struggling to make a decision about a suitable academic path.
  • Experiencing low motivation and lack of direction.
  • Living with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability.
  • Experiencing consistent stress and anxiety within school contexts.
  • Suffering from lack of confidence.

While academic coaching is primarily intended for students at the university level, do speak with me if you are seeking support for a struggling learner at the high school level as I may be able to provide assistance either through counselling with the family or through youth counselling.

How it works? 

We will complete an assessment of your needs during the first session. This will help us to set initial goals and co-create a plan for working together. We will then meet weekly or bi-weekly for 1-3 hours depending on your needs. Academic coaching is scheduled flexibly to accommodate your specific timelines. Sessions may typically involve guidance and support with written assignments; exploring use of writing, reading and learning strategies; help with focusing research topics; and, exploration of academic goals and motivation.

Please know that academic coaching is not the same as an editing service. I will not edit your written work. I can though work alongside you to help you strengthen your written expression. Academic coaching is also not the same as counselling. We will not spend time focused on issues that are not directly related to your academic work and goals.

I have been teaching adults at the university level since 2005. I have worked with close to a thousand post-secondary students. I have a Masters and a PhD in Education and a gift for connecting with diverse students around their learning process and challenges. I look forward to working with you and helping you be successful.