Individual Counselling

Counselling offers a safe & gentle process to reconnect you with your strengths & resources to support you to take authentic actions towards your best life.

Life is complex and sometimes you get stuck in painful patterns and places and need help to move forward. You may be struggling to accept unwelcome events and changes or to let go of past experiences. You might feel lost, uprooted, helpless, and seized by fear. In any given life there will be stresses and challenges, and when these feel overwhelming reaching out for help is a smart and courageous choice.

Counselling helps you to:

  • resolve emotional blocks and limitations
  • change the story that shapes your day-to-day experience.
  • create happier relationships with yourself and with others
  • transform patterns of suffering into well being and wisdom
  • heal injured parts of yourself and reconnect with your vitality
  • find deeper acceptance and direction forward
  • be empowered and bring about positive changes in your day to day experience

Counselling is a deeply personalized learning and healing journey.

Together we will gently explore your experiences, emotions, coping strategies, habitual patterns, gifts and strengths, needs and desires, hopes and fears.

You want feel that you are living your best and most fulfilling life. You want to find meaning and have a purpose. You want to be happy.

You can experience these things and more. You can have more confidence, joy and ease. It’s possible.

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Image by Joyce Huntington