Therapeutic Approaches


Ethical, compassionate & mindful…

My commitment to you is to be an ethical, compassionate, and mindful helping professional who holds your process with sacred care. No matter what challenges you are facing, I see your best essence.

My approach is integrative, meaning that I draw on knowledge and practices from different fields in order to respond to your evolving needs. I have pursued in-depth training in Contemplative Psychotherapy, which enables me to skillfully integrate mindfulness and compassion practices with Western therapeutic modalities, such psychodynamic, emotionally-focused, and attachment-based approaches.

While together we bring compassionate awareness to the deeply held roots of your challenges, I also help you to develop everyday practices that support your wellbeing. For example, I may help you to: understand and communicate your needs, relate to and express your emotions, create more intimacy in your life, set clear boundaries, trust your intuition, and, access your strengths and inner resources. 

How sessions unfold is determined always by your needs and goals. With intuitive sensitivity to your underlying concerns, I help you to develop your own insights towards desired change.

My Knowledge Base 

Contemplative Psychotherapy

The challenging and confused parts of our experience contain seeds of wisdom. Through bringing compassionate and non-judgmental awareness to these patterns of suffering, while holding an unwavering trust in your intrinsic wellbeing, these seeds of wisdom can grow out of their tight, constricted shells into their potential as luminous awareness.

Developmental Psychology

Challenges in adulthood often have roots in childhood fears and unnameable anxieties that caused us to disconnect from parts of self or from others. As a therapist, I offer a safe and trustworthy relationship within which you can reconnect and experience new possibilities for being and relating that you can take into your life.

Transformational Change

Sessions are experiential. We drop below your storylines, where I help you to feel and articulate your deeper yearnings and access the resources that will enable you to bring those yearnings to life. Transformation occurs as you begin to trust the power and potential of your yearnings, and develop a practice of aligning your life with this vital energy.

Systemic Approach

Together, we work with the internal impact of past and present events in order to introduce desired changes in your external world. I help you to gain awareness of your coping strategies and relationship dynamics in order to increase communication and connection within yourself and with others.

Creativity & Flow

Creative vitality is an aspect of our intrinsic wellbeing. When we are flowing with our creative energy, we feel alive. We engage more flexibly and courageously with our experiences, choices and challenges.  As a therapist, I see your creative essence and help you tune into it and trust its flow.

Image by Joyce Huntington